Plate Heat Exchangers for HVAC Heating/Cooling Water

Plate Heat Exchanger for HVAC Heating/Cooling Water           Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Data: Model/B308Lengthmm480Widthmm180Inlet/out pipesmm32Max plate No.pcs95Max water flowm3/h18Design pressureMpa1.0Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Application: 1. Food Industry: Mi

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Plate Heat Exchanger for HVAC Heating/Cooling Water           

Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Data: 

Inlet/out pipesmm32
Max plate No.pcs95
Max water flowm3/h18
Design pressureMpa1.0

Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Application: 
1. Food Industry: 
Milk pasteurization, Milk and beverage pasteurization , Wine tempering, Bottled water treatment , CIP (Cleaning-in-Place) heating , Reverse osmosis water.

2. Marine Application: 
Central cooling of the main or auxiliary engines or turbines, Lubrication oil cooling, Recooling of circulated water for cooling cylinders, pistons, injection nozzles, Cooling of Baoder oil, compressor oil and other lubricants, Preheating of lubrication oil and heavy fuel oil, Preheating of seawater for fresh water production, Heat recovery, Heat exchange to air-condition the passengers' cabins and freight spaces

3. Others: 
Turbine oil cooler, Chemical industry, district heating, district cooling, swimming pool heating, solar heating
Gasketed Titanium Plate Heat Exchanger for Seawater


The plate heat exchanger is a series of gasketed, embossed metal plates arranged alternately and bolted together between end frames to form channels through which hot and cold media flow.

1. Modularity For Flexibility
The Shenglin Plate Heat Exchanger provides outstanding efficiency transferring heat from one liquid to another or from steam to liquid. This modular exchanger combines frames, plates and connections to form a variety of configurations. By using different types of plates, with different characteristics, the exchangers can be adapted to a wide variety of applications. The exchangers can easily be disassembled for inspection, maintenance or even expansion by adding plates.
2. High Heat Transfer Rates
The flow turbulence created by Shenglin Plate Heat Exchangers promotes maximum heat transfer. With their high efficiency, the exchangers can handle temperature approaches of less than 1°C (2°F). The unit also offers "U" or "K " values 3 to 6 times higher than shell & tube exchangers.
3. Compact Design
With its high efficiency, the Shenglin Plate Heat Exchanger conserves footprint and floor loading far beyond what is possible with an identical duty shell & tube heat exchanger. A Shenglin Plate Heat Exchanger can fit into 20-50% of a shell & tube footprint including service and maintenance space. This compact footprint makes productive use of tight spaces, especially important with production expansions. Lighter weight makes transportation and rigging less costly. And, it costs less.
4. Self-Cleaning Action
The unit's velocity profile and induced turbulence causes dirty product deposits to be continually removed from the heat transfer surface during operation, thereby reducing fouling. The plate turbulence also enhances the effectiveness of water backflushing and cleaning in place (CIP) procedures with less frequent need to disassemble the exchanger. Plates can be electropolished to make cleaning easier, either manually or in-place. The unit opens within its own footprint simply by loosening the tie-rod bolts and rolling the movable frame back to the support column.
Gasketed Titanium Plate Heat Exchanger for Seawater



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