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2022-06-16 09:18:03 By : Mr. Tony You

Robust and reliable designs for all loads and applications, drawing on 60 years of industry-leading experience

Our air coolers and heat exchangers have been at the forefront of industry popularity and performance since the late 1960s. Our first high-tech, pipe-and-bend heat exchanger was in the early 1970s for sweet gas with pressure slightly over 300 bar. Our latest applications are for more than 650 bar with H2S content as high as 18%.

We have supplied more than 10,000 bundles for applications throughout the oil and gas industry from upstream to hydrocarbon processing. Our investment in technology continues in an effort to meet even more extreme conditions. The quality of our exchangers is a result of advanced design techniques employing the latest software, world-class fabrication facilities and capabilities, Six-Sigma quality methodology, and extensive experience in both manufacturing and in-field service.

Gas type and pressure are the two key considerations behind proper design and materials selection to ensure the performance on which our customers rely over the long term.

The levels of H2S and CO2 contained in the gas will significantly affect machine durability and performance relative to corrosion. We therefore choose special, heavy-duty materials for sour gas applications—not only for the air cooler or heat exchanger, but for the whole plant. Advanced corrosion-resistant alloys such as Incoloy 825 require specialized welding techniques; and we have the expertise to ensure high quality construction with these materials.

Very high pressures require special considerations in material type and thickness, design and manufacturing—particularly welding—all carefully adapted to the specific characteristics of the gas. Welding of complex parts and various thicknesses involves extreme heat and, therefore, demands expert care to ensure uniform cooling and to avoid material stresses. We analyze and relieve stress levels with local heat treatment (tube-to-header welds) and our specialized furnace (headers and flanges).

Performance is checked and diagnosed by collecting data on air flow, tube flow, fan power and the overall status of the equipment, and processing it directly in the field. We provide a detailed action plan to optimize air cooler performance.

We can upgrade any installed air cooler or heat exchanger to increase its capacity. The performance assessment can provide useful information on what upgrades are feasible for the current equipment, and our experts can perform any kind of modifications including re-qualification to provide performance guarantees.

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